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Rog g752 clean install help needed

Hello there i got the rog g752vy and i tried to follow the clean install from here i got to the windows intalation screen ibjust follow the inst...

ROG G752VT Screen cover issues

Hi to everyone, i'm owner of a ROG G752VT and i'm disappointed because the cover of my screen it's partially detached from the screen almost in the whole bottom side (you can see it in the picture down)I wonder if someone else here has the same probl...

ASUS G73JH Repasting Issues/Questions

Hi folks,i hope someone can help me. My older brother got a this laptop for a good amount of years now, no warranty left. It was in RMA due to overheating. He got it back and it was semi-ok. Never good. Don't ask me why he would never turn it back in...

ASUS G751-CH71 Battery stuck at 84%.

Hello,Since year and a month I own this ASUS G751JT-CH71 laptop, and everything was great until a battery issue happened with it.A week ago it would charge normally, up to 100%, then all of a sudden it stopped at 90%, stuck with the message "12 minut...

Alex8850 by Level 7
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Installing Windows 10 PRO - The Easy Guide

Hello Folks,this Guide so far is based on the G752VY-GC264T and should work for all models of the G752VY or even G752's in general (feedback appreciated)..First off this is a guide for people who are not too well versed in PC technology, but need (fo...

caipa by Level 8
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False Advertising: Worlds First 120Hz Laptop Screen

From: is at least over 5 years too late to be able to claim this. My Sony Vaio VPCF2 from early 2011 had a 120Hz screen.

Skunk by Level 8
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Unable to find G752VT Windows 10 sound equaliser???

Hi all,I recently bought a new G752VT with Windows 10 and have been unable to find the sound equaliser. I wouldn't normally be too concerned about this, however when I watch videos or movies it sounds as if I'm in a tunnel! This is obviously extremel...

sinewb by Level 7
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G752VY USB Type C Does not boot !!

Hello , good dayI have Nexus 6P that i usually connect via USB Type C on my G752VY , I have just installed an application called "DriveDroid" which allow me to boot any .img or .iso from an android phone , It really works with my Nexus 5 while conne...

dookooo by Level 7
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