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Recently bought a ASUS G55vw-DH71 laptopI restored to the factory system, i updated all driverswith the CD drivers and tools that came with the laptopand then I tested all ports, video outputs, audio and Internetall worked very welljust the bluetooth...

About to get Gsync for my g751jy, should i get it or not?

As i said i want to get gsync, i play all kinds of games from the latest titles to old nostalgic games. Im in uni so i prob wont be getting myself another laptop for a verylong time, and so i thought why not get the gsync upgrade, its 100$ and if i k...

Dvirlu by Level 7
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G752VL Left Fan not working

The problem I noticed while I am gaming for about 4-5 hours, my laptop overheats on about 85C-90C. i checked the right fan, which is for the GPU *I think* is blowing air, it also just peaks to 65C-74C. Then I checked the left fan which is for the CPU...

hexorr3 by Level 7
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G750JM Blu-Ray not playing

I recently upgraded my Windows to 10. After that I had a meltdown an had to get my motherboard replaced with the genuine motherboard and graphics card. Everything works great except I also had the place install a Blu-Ray player. I had been playing...

Port Plugs to prevent dust buildup? - G752VY

Hey ROG communityHoping someone can help me out. My old G74SX had an issue with dust getting into the ports and I'd like to avoid that this time around with my new G752VY.Does anyone know of a port plug kit that would suit my needs?Would be nice if A...

The free upgrade offer to Windows 10 will end on July 29, 2016

Just in case anybody was interested and didn't already know, thought I'd pass along this Public Service Announcement for people that were still thinking about upgrading and haven't had the chance.Below is a link to Microsoft's site for more informati...

cl-Albert by US Customer Loyalty Agent
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Cleaning G751JL Screen

Hello, I've been looking around forums trying to find the best cleaning method for these IPS displays with not much good information. I was hoping someone could provide me with what works best to clean the screen. Thank you.

G751JY Fluctuating Volume

When I haven't played any sound on my laptop for a minute or two, and play a video on youtube or using VLC for example, the sound is suddenly 1.5x higher than it was before (without doing anything). Then when I lower it again using for example the fu...