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Rog g752 'Theatre' mode sound settings question

Hello.Just a quick question, will be an easy answer for some as I imagine it is just something to do with the settings.When ever I play videos from sites such as YouTube or Netflix. The sound is almost set in "Theatre" mode? Like it's off somehow.Any...

Kixo7 by Level 7
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ASUS G751 Cooling Mod

I've been thinking about modding myg751 to run cooler. I've done some research and decided to try something new.I never use my bluray/dvd player. So i'm gonna add 1 or 2 heat pipes to the CPU/GPU connected to it's own heat sink with a stock g751 fan ...

G75VW Motherboard part number?

Hi, I am looking for a G75VW motherboard replacement of ebay. I see them but with different parts number. The picture of these all look the same its just the sticker on the memory slot that is different. Is this a real issue?

johnl12 by Level 7
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G75VW will not BOOT

Installed a new (Intel 7260 HMWG-R network card) now the computer will not BOOT. When I took it apart a small S sept Spring like ting fell out by the left hinge aria might be for a ground?? cant see where it goes. Too it apart 4 times, cant get it t...

ultram by Level 7
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G752 vr?

I have the G752VY with a 980m 8gb, i7 6820HK, 32gb of ram, would this run VR, thanks.

How to clean out G751JY dust?

I lived in a very very dusty place for a while and I can hear the fans are louder and temps higher than they used to be.Is there a way to clean the dust out of the fans and make sure my G751JY runs smoothly?

Looking for input on NON-Standard M.2 and HDD Use

I know the norm here is put the OS on the fastest drive, but I do video and photo editing, so it’s more important I have fast data access than program access. I currently have a 512gb M.2 drive that the OS lives on and a 7200 HD for data. The way I...

jcylk by Level 7
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g752vy and using g-sync on external monitor?

Hello good people,i plan to buy ASUS VG248QE monitor and use it with my laptop...i need few questions answered..Since laptop have g-sync and monitor is g-sync i automaticlly get g-sync on monitor when i plug it to laptop or it doesn't fu...

dntt7 by Level 7
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G751jy trackpad "rising"

G751jy-wh71i7-4720/980mI opened my laptop this morning to see the top right corner of the trackpad has risen about 1mm above the shell. I lightly pressed it down and it made a slight sticking noise. Almost like the adheasive holding it in place is gi...