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Asus G751 long term owner review

I did a lot of research, read these forms etc before buying the g751JT laptop Feb 2015. Easily the best bang for buck, great performance for the money, but many issues have eventuated.Two SSD drives have now failed. The original m2 slot SSD failed ...

G74sx ATKOSD2.exe

Hi,I started up my G74 sx laptop this morning and found a black box about 4 or 5 inches wide by about 4 inches tall in the center of my screen. There is no way to interact with it, and it's just totally black.I started killing processes in the Windo...

G751JY pinkish screen

Guys,The screen on my G751JY suddenly turned pink when I was gaming.I restarted and shutdown the Laptop couple of times, problem still persists.I have connect the Laptop to TV screen through HDMI, the display on the TV was normal.The laptop screen is...

JadAl_87 by Level 7
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G752VT LCD issue?

Guys, after last BIOS update (.216) and at the same time after starting using my laptop in another room with Windows (so much more luminous) i've noticed thi "offset" in my LCD panel, same at top and sides but not under. Anyone has similar "configura...

Dr4g0n36 by Level 10
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ASUS G752VY Slow start Problem

So, as mentioned before. I ordered 2 ASUS G752VYEverything works perfect and the only problem is SLOW start when power button is pressed. Is it normal compared to you all? on latest Bios.After the power button pressed, i need to wait 5 to 6 second be...

Jlieu by Level 7
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