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ROG G750JK - Graphics Update

Hello everyone,I have a G750JX, with 32GB RAM, and an nvidia 770M with 2GB. I would like to know if there is any option to update my Graphic Card and what i can do to improve performance over all.I use this laptop mainly with a Design Software called...

dalight by Level 7
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G51jx3d can the CPU be upgraded

I am thinking about upgrading my laptop and i´ve got this doubt;Recently i have found that the i7 720QM it´s the lowest of the family chipset and by now the prices for the upper cpus are really affordable.So, can it be upgraded to, let´s say, the i7-...

G752 New Hard Drive Install / Restore Method?

User manual and this web site is incomplete. Tells you how to physically install/upgrade a hard drive but not how to install/restore it like new again. This Windows 10 seems sketchy at doing this. I've made an image but get error trying to make a rec...

G751JY, Intel HM87 Express, Windows 10 upgrade BSoD

I get an iastor.sys BSoD when attempting to upgrade my G751JY to Windows 10 from 8.1.Currently running latest provided ASUS Intel SATA/AHCI RST driver of driver from Intel.Anyone else had any issues similar with their G751JY's ?What is th...

mpgioia by Level 7
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Windows 10 Upgrade failed

Went through to the installation process, got to about 25% and restarted as per the upgrade said it would. Then failed, went through recovery process and put me back into my windows 8.1 desktop......The error message said there was a failed boot. Has...

ASUS G752vl.. Do I need to set it up for games?

Hello! I have a question about my new computer, as seen in the title, I got an ASUS G752vl as a gift and well... I never really have been a computer gamer, all my life I have only really been able to play on consoles. But! I'm just curious, do I need...

Eric_98 by Level 7
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SM951 M2 SSD read speeds in a G751

Can anyone with an SM951 M2 SSD in a G751 confirm they are getting 2MB/s read speeds in CrystalDisk 5? I have tried everything and cannot achieve those speeds (which should be attainable with this combination). Just wanted to hear from anyone else wi...

spaus by Level 7
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Black Line on G751JY Screen

Hello all.I recently bought the G751JY. After 5 days of use, there appeared a black line on the left side of my screen. I called tech, and we went through a gamut of things and the line went away, but it's now back. However, it only pops up for a min...

The Asus g501vw with 970m

Hey everyone, apparently there's a version in my home country with the 970m, but I can't find it anywhere in the states. Is there such thing or they probably just replaced it?Also does the 960m worth to buy with an SSD? I've been seeing a lot of comp...

zegnor by Level 7
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g750js CD/DVD does not work

I just tried to open few CD's but seems the cd cannot read them. I tried same disks on my desktop computer and he open them from first try without problems.Does anyone have any idea why is that happening, is it possible my CD/DVD is broken?Its not li...

matau by Level 9
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