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G750JM not charging & dead

I purchased my G750JM last year in May. Two days ago I noticed that it was saying plugged in, not charging. However after it went down some it proceeded to charge again. Yesterday I am doing basic web browsing and my computer completely shuts off and...

Charn25 by Level 7
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Battery not Charging, G750JM

Hello,2 days ago I was using the laptop connected to the power supply but i got a bad connection on the wall out let which i didnt noticed until I got the low battery warning. after that I shut down the laptop and left it to charge, before it could g...

G752VY Drive Redundancy Options

I'm considering a G752VY laptop as more of a workstation/music production machine (I'm not really a gamer). Gaming laptops seem to be the only semi-affordable options compared to "workstations". I'm not super-familiar with redundancy options for S...

cpnet by Level 7
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Where to find G751JT-WH71(WX) reviews?

I cannot find any reviews for this laptop model, so I am asking owners of this laptop specifically how does the laptop ventilation system work and what is the average temperature during a game session? Other advice is also helpful like what to fix/ch...

Linerax by Level 7
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Asus G751 long term owner review

I did a lot of research, read these forms etc before buying the g751JT laptop Feb 2015. Easily the best bang for buck, great performance for the money, but many issues have eventuated.Two SSD drives have now failed. The original m2 slot SSD failed ...

G74sx ATKOSD2.exe

Hi,I started up my G74 sx laptop this morning and found a black box about 4 or 5 inches wide by about 4 inches tall in the center of my screen. There is no way to interact with it, and it's just totally black.I started killing processes in the Windo...

G751JY pinkish screen

Guys,The screen on my G751JY suddenly turned pink when I was gaming.I restarted and shutdown the Laptop couple of times, problem still persists.I have connect the Laptop to TV screen through HDMI, the display on the TV was normal.The laptop screen is...

JadAl_87 by Level 7
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