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G751 CPU temperature problems

Hello everyone.Lately my G751's CPU has been hitting 94-95 Celsius when gaming, and these are not max temperatures, these are like constant when playing especially Battlefield 4. Also CPU fan has been acting very strangely and hitting 25000 (yes, 3 z...

Asus G752VY . usb mouse light on after windows shutdown

Hi guys. I know that my doubt was already discussed here in another post. I also remember see from here something like that, but now i cant find.So, my old doubt is, why my usb light still on after shutdown the windows? This is related to the bios ve...

Simao by Level 7
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Screen tearing - Asus ROG G750JX

Hello.I have a g750JX laptop and I started playing WoW recently and noticed that I have some bad tearing. I tried to limit my FPS to 30, but I get input lag, making the game even worse than the tearing problem in itself.My average FPS is around 47-52...

Radoo by Level 7
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G751JY WiFi issues (frequent lag spikes)

Hey, it has been a while since I was on here.I have a g751jy with win10. I am having issues with connections in online games. I have an Intel 7620 wireless card, and every time I am in a game, I get frequent lag spikes. Everything else in the house w...

G752 - How to apply camera button to other software?

Among the Macro Keys of the G752 there is also a camera button in the upper left keyboard corner.Upon delivery the button is linked to Xsplit Gamecaster.While the other macro keys can easily be applied to a software of choice, I cannot find how this ...

Wemser by Level 7
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Can I run VR? G752VY

Hi, i,ve been looking at the HTC Vive, I have 32gbs of ram, the 6820hk @ 3.9ghz, and the 980m 8gb, will I be able to use the HTC Vive? If not will the oculus work or would it work with something like the xg station 2? many thanks

My G752VL Oculus Rift Experience

I got the chance today to test out an oculus rift on my g752vl. The GPU is the GTX965m, and before you say it, I know it is not officially supported hardware.That said, I tried it anyway. The rift headset never powered on, I tried several combinati...