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Disassembly Tutorial for G752?

Is there a tutorial on how to disassemble my G752? I am in doubt that I can disassemble this myself, or if not careful I may forgot where to put the screws and some things that can be removed. TIA

hexorr3 by Level 7
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G751 JY - Black Screen Issue

Hi all,unfortunately I've been struck with the black screen issue on my G751 JY. I've been using the notbook since 12/2014.The notebook's display won't display anything anymore. Most of the time not even the backlighting is working.However when conne...

G750jm Stuttering issues

Hello, recently I tried playing Battlefield Hardline Beta and noticed some pretty low frame rates from the game even when I ran it at 720p and low settings I made sure that the game was running on the 860m through the control panel and still I get re...

2133mhz RAM on g751 not running full speed

What's up guys?I just recently installed corsair vengeance 2133mhz ram into my g751 and took the old stuff out, but for some reason, task manager is reading it at 1600mhz and cpuz and speccy are reading it as 1866. How to I get the full 2133? What ca...

Asus G56 New Battery Problems

Hi, is there a problem buying a new battery for ROG Asus laptops? I have a G56 and i tried to buy a new battery since the original one was dead and so i bought it from amazon. Didn't have much options there.After that i was kinda glad since i could j...

Drivers, apps and programs for a clean w10 install

(I own a AUS ROG G750JW upgraded from windows 8.1 home to windows 10)Hello!What driers, apps and programs should i install on my gaming laptop?Mainly looking to improve overall performance and gaming experience.I already have elan touchpad and realte...

Changing Steam Key errors

Whats up guys?Im trying to change my steam key to open up my games library and have been following the guide posted here, but the issue is, whether i download the updated exe file or edit myself, i get an error that says "this pc can't run this appli...