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G751 JY Battery 0% issue

Hello, i'm having a problem with my laptop battery. It is stuck showing 0% available, plugged in charging but never charges. If it becomes unplugged the computer just shuts off. Also every once in a while it will only stay on for 60 seconds then go t...

dann006 by Level 7
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Asus G751JT problem: CPU fan minimum speed is stacked

Hello, I have an Asus RoG G751JT with latest BIOS (211).I have noticed that no matter how low the temperature is on both cpu and gpu, the fan speed wont go below 2200 rpm, which is kind of annoying as it is always on and noisy.Is that normal?Even at...

NGeo by Level 7
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G751JY Battery Issues

I bought this G751JY in December last year, and it's been a treat to own up until recently.A couple of weeks ago the battery starting flickering between charging and plugged in, before eventually settling on "not plugged in" and draining the battery ...

G752 with GTX 1060 or G751JY?

Hello everyone,It's been nearly 5 months since I've bought G751JY and now I'm salty af that I didn't wait for pascal. I'm thinking of getting rid of G751JY and buying G752 with GTX 1060. What do u think, is it worth it?Plus, As fas as I know, G751 do...

G75VW Black Screen Boot Loop

Hello! My laptop started having this issue during my upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I did a lot of searching, but couldn't get very far so I'd really appreciate your help on it! For example, I'd much rather buy a bios chip programmer for a few...

Neten by Level 7
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GPS micrchip for my laptop

Hello,I bought a G751JT, however i am extremely worried about losing it or it getting stolen, however researching the internet i only found apps that work if my laptop is online .What i really need is a GPS device that i can place inside my laptop so...

Asus eGPU Dock - Will it work?

Hey all,Will the new Asus eGPU Dock work on current Asus laptops, eg: G752 series? I can't seem to find any info on this, from what I understand, the laptop might need Optimus for Switchable graphics, is that driver implemented or BIOS updateable?I'm...

G751JY burn DVD +R DL (8.5 gb) has errors?

Hi I tried to burn 4 DVD+R DL (8.5 GB)but always there was an error. Anyone have same problem? It sould be supported, right? Two times I tried the windows 8.1 built-in method for burning but it also fails. Any ideas? TIA guys! It seems I have a MAT**...

zenon49 by Level 7
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G751 Cleaning

Do anyone know the best way on cleaning the G751 laptop. This thing is a fingerprint and grease magnet and I have a little OCD with my laptop.