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2133mhz RAM data rate

What's up guys?I just bought the gskill 2133mhz team for the g751 laptop, I noticed that in cpuz, it says data rate in timings is set to 2T. Is there any way to change this to 1T?

Asus g752vs oc edition

Asus - Your sound on G notebooks are still horrible.Please Improve !!! Test from - We thought the overall audio quality was more than satisfactory, but there simply wasn't enough volume even when cranked up—surprising, given the s...

Setting up RAID0 on G752VY

Following the guide of JustinThyme and Slandscree I set up RAID0 on my G752VY and it was more simple than I thought it would be.First I had been fiddling around with USB flash drives and portable SSD's for backups/images/clones, which did not give m...

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Gustave by Level 9
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G752VY Gaming lag/stutter think related to wifi

I have a brand new Asus G752VY and am experiencing some issues in some online games on wifi. In World of Warcraft I see quick fps drop that will go down to the 40's then back up to 70 that cause a stutter this is on wifi (not tried wired yet) In anot...

G752VT - BIOS 213 questions about setting AHCI or RAID mode

Since the 213 BIOS version is out, adding chance to select wich mode have to operate Intel chipset (AHCI or RAID), i have a few question before touch something (at this moment i'm preparing a GPT USB key with Windows 10 update 1511 to test some of my...

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Dr4g0n36 by Level 10
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Change your steam key from big picture here

There is no official way to change the steam key from big picture mode to something more preferable. Xemax has come up with a method in post 13 where you can manually change what the key does with a hex editor. I will provide the original file and t...

Asus G751jt Replacement dc in port

Does anyone know where i can find a replacement part? i think the part number is 60NB06M0-DC1020 there is some websites that have sold it in the past but its always sold out, would it be possible to buy it directly from asus themselves?

G73jk display driver problems

Hello all,So I am having a problem with my display driver not letting me open my "steam" applications for games. Everytime I install the ati display drivers steam opens, shows connecting to my account but then never actually starts up after that. W...

wcryan by Level 7
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Rog g752vs & g752vm ship with nvme ssds in raid 0

Original source: true ROG spirit, ROG continually strives to maximize performance in all products. In addition, ROG encourages enthusiasts ...

Bahz by Level 12
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G752VS not 120Hz?

I'm in the settings of my G752VS-XB72K and notice that it says it can only do 75Hz. But on their website it shows clearly that it should be doing 120Hz. found another site for these lapt...

cuniac by Level 7
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