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G752VT-DH72 using external G-Sync monitor?

Will an external G-Sync ready monitor work with my G752VT-DH72 laptop? I’m looking at this AOC 24” G2460PG display that only has a DP input: The laptop only has a HDMI and...

G752VS (Pascal) - a couple of questions

Hello,I'm considering to get the new G752VS laptop with GTX1070, but i have a couple of questions...First of all, we're talking about a model Asus G752VS-GC118D, which seems to be the only one available for the moment at my place - Bulgaria. Still, f...

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G752VT with latest Gaming Centre - Turbo Gear

Dear all,I've updated Gaming Centre to the latest version which now includes 'Turbo Gear' for over clocking the GPU. Apparently this option is only shown in the UI if the hardware supports it.The thing is....when I select 'Extreme' the GPU clock spee...

Asus RoH G750JW Upgrading problem. Help clear NVRAM

I was upgrading hard drive. Experienced with hardware and most repairs. Put in new SSD drive and removed factory drive 500GB for a clean OS install and upgrade the old 5600rpm hdd. First thing i opened case and pop in the new drive and power on. N...

Asus g75vw screws

I need to order a couple screws for my Asus g75vw hard drives and hard drive carriage. This is a picture of the screws it uses. What size are they?

G75vw startup problem (with video)

My G75vw is slow to start up, but the speed isn't the problem. The way it acts while starting up is the problem. It doesn't have the same problem when restarting though.The only thing I installed was a Samsung 840 EVO SSD 750gb and took out the HDD...

Buying a G752VT from a reseller

Hi all!I'm really excited about getting my very first gaming laptop! I've decided on the G752VT model already but I have a few questions. I know I can buy from ASUS directly but there is a reseller that is offering additional freebies at the same pri...

Asus G55VW Screen Not Working.

Hi guys!I'd really appreciate some help here. My g55 laptop had really bad buzzing noise from the cooling fans so I decided totake it apart and clear the fans. The cleaning went smooth but after I put i back together my laptop screen stopped working....

Need help disassembling G771jw

I would like to disassemble my G771jw to clean up the fans. I searched online and could not find any guides on how to disassemble the G771jw.Anybody who owns a G771jw knows how to disassemble the laptop? Perhaps guide me through the process?

G800VI without G-Sync?

Hi all,I just discovered the new ROG Notebook lineup, especially the G800.I love the specs, but in contrast to the GX800 G-Sync seems to be absent in the specs.Does anybody know if this is correct?kind regads