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G751JY colors are all weird in Windows 10

After I installed Windows 10 clean on my new laptop G751JYThe theme colors are like old style windows 3.1 brown/grey color. no white etc.Tried different themes, but no luck. there a sett...

pka4916 by Level 7
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Upgrading G53JW MXM Graphics Card

Hi everyone, I've been reading a bunch of threads on this forum and (a number of other forums) about upgrading G73 gpus. I am such a newbie to the point where I wouldn't know how to transfer that knowledge to the G53JW. Especially when it comes to ma...

G751JY - Shadowplay key led

Does the Shadowplay key led light up for you when you start recording in-game?Recording Starts/Stops correctly, but I have no led activity. (littl...

hexaae by Level 12
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G751JY: Graphics card issue

I'm having this issue for quite a while now..When I boot the laptop and after I logged in, this happens:Another example from this morning:Drivers are up to date.It disappears after I reboot and it only occurs when the laptop has been off for a while....

59317 59326

g751jy 1 studder every 30 seconds

I have a g751jy wh71 with i7-4720 & 980m 16gb ddr3. Everything has been wonderful for the past 6 months. Playing gtaV at veryhigh settings 50-60 fps.Lately after about 20 minutes of gameplay I have been experiencing 1 single studder every 30 seconds ...

G60vx and linux ubuntu16

Ok so let me start this off by saying im not a hard core pc gamer i mostly game on playstation and have from day 1 and have every playstation. However i have games i want to play on pc so i picked up this one used and plan to upgrade from the 4gigs t...

924man by Level 7
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