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Questions before buying G752vy-gc263t

Hello everyone!I want to upgrade my old laptop, and got quite a few recommendations for the Asus ROG product lineup. Yes, I know they are expensive.Yes, I know they are heavy and bulky.Yes, I know it's a bit of an is strong eno...

Aldaraad by Level 7
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G751 shuts off randomly.

Hi All,I bought my laptop a year ago and from last 2 days it shuts off randomly.There is no overheating and it doesn't matter if laptop is on battery or charger. Gaps between shuts down are random (2 min, 15 min, 45 min) but less than hour.Windows 8...

ROG G751JY Monitor driver and 100hz if possible

Hi guys,I reinstalled W10 in my G751JY and I noticed that the integrated monitor is recignized as Generic PnP monitor so I was wondering if there is a driver for it somewhere (couldn't find it in the ASUS driver page) and if there is a way to go at 1...

G751JT-CH71 SSD M.2 Replacement

Hello everyone!I bought a 2nd hand G751JT-CH71 and i was happy to see the M.2 slot!! Aside from the bracket a friend of mine is printing for me, i need some help with the actual drive part.I really want to put a Samsung 950 NVMe 256GB in there but i ...

why i think asus RMA sucks

I've had an issue with my laptop ever since i bought it. I've sent the laptop twice for RMA and nothing was fixed, the first time i didn't know what was wrong what i assumed was wrong was actually working perfectly and the second time i send it i exa...

Asus G752VS-RB71 Subwoofer Problem to set 2.1 - solved

Hi GuysI am having an issue with my new G752VS subwoofer not working, I installed the drivers from the asus website but I only get options for 5.1 but no 2.1Same problem i use to had with my G75VW , any suggestions would help.Thank you

volors by Level 8
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Final questions before I return this POS ROG G751JY

Hopefully someone can give me the final answers.1. Can you easily replace the wireless card with this model?2. Lot of freezing3. The color issue I am having. - Grey items have a brown tint to it. - Things like Outlook, instead of a gre...

pka4916 by Level 7
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G502VS G-Sync Issues?

Hey guys, I recently picked up a G502vs from my local microcenter. This is my first system with "g sync", i've done some looking around and research, either mine isn't working or its a gimmick lol. My main PC has 144hz monitors, so I can definately f...