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asus rog g551jw - extremly low fps

hi guys.Okay will try to make this short. I bought my asus rog g551 jw 960m (12 gb ram) about 8 months ago, it s a great laptop, it ran most games such as witcher 3 on high settings.Unfortunately I took it to a repair shop to have it cleaned as it wa...

multi gestures not working with chrome

Hi all,this issue has bugged many users and i cant seem to fnd the solution. it seems like the touchpad refuses to work with Chrome ie all the gestures dont work, ie 2 fingers swipe right or left doesnt do the forward and back command, or scrolling g...

When is G800 to be released?

I've been holding off buying the g752 model as it seems like the nvidia 1080m is leaps and bounds ahead. I keep searching amazon and other sites but there's no word at all. The littlest I can see was that it was supposed to be released in September. ...

ASUS G751JY: Slow internet download/upload speeds

Hi guys! It's been a long time I came to these boards and whined about some annoyance with my laptop, but hey here I am again Anyway, i've been wondering for a while now why are my download/upload speeds so slow? This happens to me both wired and wir...

G750JX - Application of Thermal Paste, any advice?

Hello,I have a G750JX laptop with nvidia 770M graphics card. It's a 3 year old laptop. Recently it has started to overheat and turns off every now and then.I checked the temperatures Idling - 55°-60°C. When playing games such as skyrim CPU and GPU ar...