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G55 won't boot up - no lights

My G55VW will not boot up. There is no power light on, although the power cord is plugged in. I tried a hard reset (section e). I purchased this unit earlier this year and shortly after noticed the battery life was brief. I also read a few posts t...

kahlilj by Level 8
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Asus GL752VW IO Board USB ports don't work

Hi.I have Asus GL752VW, and my USB ports, which are located on the IO board, stopped working, but still provide an output voltage. One port stopped working 2 years ago, and the second stopped working just recently. Both ports were used with the ZOWIE...

IlyaLts by Level 7
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20 Seconds Black Screen Before Login Screen Asus Rog G531GT

I have a Asus Rog G531GT Model Laptop, Initially the boot time of my laptop was around 5-6 seconds .Yesterday I Suddenly observed that my laptop boot time While plugged in was 14 seconds and Without Charger is 25 seconds. I am attaching a 40 Second v...

karu000 by Level 7
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Possible RAM problem? G752VSK

So my wifi card is pretty heck, so I bought a new one, the new one being an intel 9260. I install it, it works, but pc starts acting weird. Loading things crashes the cursor entirely sometimes, reinstalling windows 10 didn't help, so I slot the old o...

omeggga by Level 8
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Want to repaste my ROG G752VS-GC310T

I've heard a few horror stories on how difficult it is!I'm here with 2021 hindsight and a community 5 years older. My paste is 4 years old, it must be replaced....

omeggga by Level 8
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G751JT Bios 2013 in AFU format.

HelloI have upgraded my G751JT to NvMe. My laptop was working ok till I encountered weird problem with GF 970M drivers. Seems that there is no way to upgrade the drivers (my version of drivers is from 2015). I have followed all the tutorials from thi...


I just got a brand new G703GI i7-8750H.I see it is impossible to change Core Voltage Offset in XTU. Slider is disabled (greyed out). Tweaking in ThrottleStop has no effect neither.The only thing available in XTU is TurboBoost options. When I push the...

d_andros by Level 7
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Urgent need help with M.2 Slots - ASUS ROG G703GX

Hi everyone,I have an ASUS ROG G703GX with an Intel Core i9, and I have just purchased the Samsung 980 Pro 500GB.The problem is that I would like to know which slot is better to install this NVMe SSD drive to gain the performance speed.I have 3 M.2 S...