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ASUS ROG G752VY-DH72 & 1440p Monitor - Will it Work?

I run this laptop as my primary computer. Currently hook it up via HDMI to a 40" 1080p Samsung Monitor. I was thinking about getting a 27" 1440p monitor but I'm not sure this laptop would be able to even utilize the 1440 display for gaming. Can anyon...

GL752VW and SSD M.2 Samsung 950 (NMve)

Hello!I wanted to consult about known problem with the ROG GL752VW and M.2 SSD 950 (NMve) Samsung.Asus has released a solution to this problem or remains unresolved?I before buying the ASUS SSD consult and I said they were compatible, but apparently ...

G74sx hitting 95 degrees.

Hi, my asus g74sx is hitting around 95 degrees when I'm playing games, before it used to hit around 85 degrees and after cpu throttling would come in to effect but some reason I dont remember disabling it(i dont even know how to) it won't work and cp...

G751JY Touchpad Leftclick stuck!

Hello to everyone! Suddenly my touchpad left and right click stopped working, but I could still move the mouse! So I noticed that on the taskbar (image attached) that the leftclick was being always pressed, that's why neither the left or right clicks...


G752VT CPU temperature in BF4

When I play BF4, my CPU temp is always over 86 C, and I even seen maximum is about 93-95 C. How can I to fix this?In FC4 I also have temp over 80 C, but in range 80-90

Love the new forum.. but..

Love the new forum.. but.. where's the G750 section and stuff? Have we all been tossed in the same room? :cThis is going to just make things confusing. :<

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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ROG Gaming Center not working like it should

hey, i just got to ask if anyone knows how to fix my ROG gaming center..the MHz on CPU is always at -2600 even when i reboot or restart the program.. everything else is fine.. but it doesnt seems to get a read on the CPU MHz.. and i find that strange...

Gallros by Level 8
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corrupted systemfiles on win 8.1

like the tread say! have done sfc, sfc fixtool, attempt with dism online check health or restore,say the source is not recognized or so! then i try dism with path of my extracted install wim no chance...i think i have problem. i will not make a facto...

G73jh not booting

Hello i have a asus g73jh notebook and the laptop not booting, no led indicators no power up when i press power button. Any solution? Wysłane z mojego SM-T235 przy użyciu Tapatalka

to22ek by Level 7
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