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G751JT Fan oiling

Hello Rogers,I want to oil my fans but they cant be opened to do so my question is can i make a hole in the fan and to oil it like on this video.

Vyary by Level 7
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G751JM Cannot overclock after system reinstalled?

Since my computer system was not working properly after updated to Win 10, I reinstalled the entire system and installed the drivers manually (downloaded through asus sites), but now the turbo/overlock button doesnt wok anymore. I tried to go to ROG ...

G752 VT Wifi keeps disappearing

Hi all I hope someone can shed some light on an issue I seem to be having.It mainly started a week ago or so, It more or less started after I updated windows 10 as well as using the Fn + F2 key to toggle airplane mode. The wifi did come back on afte...

MarshR by Level 7
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G75VW Not booting up unless is very cold!

I have an Asus G75VW, 16GB DDR3, 1SSD and 1HDD,Nvidia Geforce GTX with Windows 7. Updated it to win10 but started to have problems and went back to Win7Long story short, the machine will not boot, post bios, load windows, nada, zero!!This is what hap...

G series notebooks

Ive had a G73 for multiple years and ive been looking for another ROG notebook to buy but I cant tell which is which and what is what. It seems like every single notebook is fully custimizable. is that pretty true? What are their latest notebooks ...

wcryan by Level 7
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Possible to Change Graphics card for G750JM ?

Hi.I got a Asus (of course) G750JM laptop, is it possible to change the graphics card in it. If so wich one would you recommend. My budget is under 2000 NOK (roughly 241,6 USD), I want a graphics card that can run Skyrim Special Edition (I'm a gaming...

FN+NUMLK for max fanspeed - G752

Hi all,I know everyone already knows the fn+num lock trick to max out fans with the only downside that you can only return to normal speed by shutting down. Just wanted to check if anyone has found key combo for normal speed? Also maybe other key com...

Rog gaming center (g752vy) updates?

Hello,Rog GAMING CENTER for my g752vy is version 1.08 with that extreme/standard switch on TURBO GEAR that many people spoke about.I found out that G752VS has a GAMING CENTER version 1.12 with no turbo gear switch (extreme or not). It is enabled by d...

G751J - Keyboard problem after disassembly.

Hi! Recently I created topic about faulty fan. My new fan yesterday arrived from china, so I opened my rog and replaced it.The problem is, now my keyboard keys works "wrongly". That is for example, Enter is a Backspace, Y is B - etc. All keys are di...

Rebekka by Level 7
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