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ASUS G751JL Strange WiFi problem.

Hello, recently I've been having a strange WiFi problem with my G751JL-BBI7T29.It started a few days ago out of nowhere, I left to go do something and when I came back, the laptops WiFi was disconnected. Not enough to change the WiFi icon, but enough...

SWS90 by Level 7
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Asus ROG G752VS Questions - I want to buy it soon :)

Hello, I want to buy this notebook here as mentioned above. it really featuring a 1...

raveya by Level 7
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Tried a factory reset. Now the G501VW laptop wont boot!

Hello!So I tried to restore my G501VW laptop today using the guide that I found in the eSupport map on my system.I followed the steps and chose to delete all my files on both my windows partition and my partition. After a while i get a message that ...

All my G551JW Mods for low temps.

Hello guys. After 1 year of owning the G551JW (( 4750HQ CPU )) i decided to ''improve'' my laptop. The stock temps were getting high for me even on colling pad. CPU 92-98c on stress test. I`m on T06 bios so the GPU was 80c before mod in stress test. ...

Red85 by Level 7
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GL551 performance issues after hard drive failure

Hello,My hard drive failed after 13 months of use and about 5 months ago I got a new hard drive. Instead of the SDD that it came with originally I went for the HDD since it was cheaper. I'm not sure that is the cause but ever since that I've been exp...

moguine by Level 7
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G752VT Weird noise from speakers

Hi everybody, Sometimes, i notice some stranges noises from speakers, a very fast but audible crackling, specially when i open a video or starting a game, or close a video on youtube.Anyone else noticed this strange noise ?Thanks in advance.

g550jk heating issues

Hi fellow g550jk users,apparently our laptops tend to get really hot during heavy sessions.i was trying to find a way to lower the heat load for the CPU especially, as it tends to go up to 97 degrees celcius.since my warratny has expanded, i have rep...