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ROG G752vsk Fn/Backlight keyboard not working

Hey guys!So I recently replaced my motherboard for my ROG G752vsk and everything works perfectly well except my for the Fn/Backlight keyboard lights.I updated and installed the right drivers for the model and even many different types of APK drivers ...

G752VS Fn key/backlight issue

Hey,My fn keys/backlight stopped working all of a sudden a couple months ago. I went through the threads and tried most of the suggestions... Reinstalling the ATK package didn't work (tried the one from the official website and an seemingly newer one...

Asus ROG G701VO kb lights not working no matter what

Hi i recently bought a ROG G701VO and its keyboard lights dont work, there is a symbol of adjusting the brightness but it just opens up mail and browser. not only that but ive tried reinstalling and updating all my kb drivers and reinstalling windows...

GUIDE to enable "voltage control" in MSI Afterburner

INTRODUCTIONIf you've installed MSI Afterburner before (usually on a notebook) you'd remember it didn't have GPU voltage control. There are unsupported desktop GPU models that require certain workarounds to have voltage control as well working in MS...

G703 Raid0 Drivers not found

I purchased an Asus Rog G703 laptop several years ago.It came with a Raid0 setup.A couple years after... I reformatted, installed Raid0.I did this again recently and I can not find the correct raid 0 drivers.I can setup the raid in bios. But I then ...

[GUIDE] G55/G75 Upgrade Notes

QUICK GUIDES:- Fresh Install of Win8 Pro Over Win8 On G55 (by @Ratspootin)- CLEAN WINDOWS 8 INSTALL ON GPT SSD DRIVE (G75VX) (by @gokica)- G75VX WINDOWS 7 CLEAN INSTALL (by @bjurn)- G75VX WINDOWS 8 CLEAN INSTALL (by @cvmocanu)- SSD: FIXING 4K CLUSTER...

rewben by Level 13
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Asus G75VW-BBK5 With Upgraded GTX 780M GPU Success!

So after many many hours and help from Dreamonic, this Mod is a success story. I officially have a G75VW with an upgraded GPU.Requirements:Many Hours of time780M GPU from a G750JHHeatsink from 780M GPUModify heatsinks and chassis for fittingsoldering...

looking for unlock vbios for g751jl

Hi, i am Matias from Argentina, i was looking for a unlock vbios for my asus g751jl (gtx 965m gm204) but i can`t find anyone.maybe someone can mod this for my.sorry for my english, is soo basic.thank youi lear how to mod itthanks anyway(SOLVED)

ASUS ROG G752VT . Overheating issues

Hello everyone,I bought an asus laptop 2 months ago and I've been experiencing overheating issues since the beginning. I'm an AION player and I've therefore arranged everything to play with high quality settings but my CPU doesn't agree. I've been mo...

Vaire by Level 7
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