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Asus ROG G60VX doesn't show image after reloading

Hello! I have a problem with my Asus ROG G60VX laptop When I turn it on it works good without errors. But if I want to reload it or try to turn it off and turn on immediately, there is no image on the screen. Keyboard's lightning is working, I can ev...

G551JW - GPU throttle at 74 degree celsius

Dear allI bought a G551JW about two weeks ago. At room temperature the laptop stays at 41 degree celsius. As a gaming notebook, I use Furmark to stress test the GPU. To my surprise the GPU (GTX960M) start throttling at 74 degree celsius - which is me...

mickey3 by Level 7
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GL552JX SSD upgrade - not opening up anymore

Hello. I've been owning an ASUS ROG GL552JX since 2015 and I've recently bought a SSD for it, a SATA 3 to be more specific: SSD Adata Ultimate SU650 512GB SATA3 M.2. I've installed the windows, worked for 2-3 minutes then everything froze afterwards ...

G752VY - FAN always at Maximum, solved?

Suddenly My laptop's fan are always running at full speed, it is so annoying that even without load you can hear the fans. (CPU)Can anyone help me how to fix this one? Every input is much ApprciatedStatus:Suddenly it went ok upon restarting

Asus G752VY drivers

Hi everyone !I clean install my Asus G752VY windows 10 and wonder what drivers should I install besides obvious drivers such as 'Nvidia drivers'.

Juju11 by Level 7
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Really good device for gaming, I love the color and the body. With this I am also impressed by the inter-system that this time ROG has used. All over really good laptop 100/100.

G703GXR HDMI Port Does not Work

I am adding a thread to this post because I cannot, for some reason, start a new thread. The HDMI port on the G703GXR does not work. The connected second monitor will look for a signal every 30 seconds and the screen (on the second monitor) will go b...

MuseMKR by Level 8
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Resolved! Help reinstalling windows 11 after hard drive failure

I have a G773CX-XS97 and the hard drive died.. (was a 980 pro) I got a new one and put it in. It shows up in bios correctly but when I put in the windows installation usb I got from micro center it doesn't show any storage devices to install windows ...

Fattyy by Level 8
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Any good touch screen ones?

Im picky, but not everything is a required. I mostly want an all in on device. One where I can watch stuff and use it like a tablet, but can also game on it. I don’t need to running things at 4K 240 fps but maybe 1080p at least 60fps. Would prefer th...