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Original Audio Driver G752VY

Hello everyone,i'm looking for the original factory audio driver for my G752VY i7-6700hq - GTX980MI did a fresh reinstall of windows for the second time, and i'm having the same issue with audio not being right. I found last time a link to a onedrive...

Asus ROG G752VS OC windows 10 slow boot on 970PRO

Hello everyone,The story:At first I had sm961 256GB which was fast enough ( I mean boot time was very short) but after 2 years of using it started slow booting of windows10 and when I checked the health status of ssd it was 96% and 13.5TB writes whi...

91360 91361 91362 91363
Vazha by Level 7
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Rog Mothership GZ700 keyboard issue

Hi im having problems with my keybard.1st it connects and reconnect very often and also when i type a letter the letter is being repeated as like i have pressed it 10 times.Thnx in advance.

G701 VI XB78K - Touchpad multigestures not working

Hi all,I recently purchased a G701 XB78k skylake 6820hk model and after performing a clean install, I noticed the touchpad's multigestures is not working properly. I installed the latest drivers and am running into an issue where my touchpad doesn'...

Asus G46VW - After wake-up, USB3 speed stay at USB2 max

Hi all !I have an very old laptop Asus G46VW and i really like it I made a lot of repairs and upgrades (memory, wifi card, cpu/gpu/ram paste cleaning, two ssd, screen cable, and many more) to make it still working.So, after a sleep and a wake up of m...

Upgrade G75VW to Windows 11

I realize that this notebook is 9 years old, but I have maintained and upgraded it through the years. It is BLAZING fast with a 1TB SSD and 24GB RAM. I don't do much gaming these days, but this beast is running SQL Server, My SQL, PhotoShop, MS BI, e...

ROG G752VSK shutting off at random while gaming

As the title says. It will usually game just fine then all of the sudden windows will shut down. Not a total blackout as often happens when overheating is taking place, but rather windows just calmy shuts itself down. I think this might be a PSU issu...

omeggga by Level 8
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