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G46 G46VW Bios Mod Unlock Overclock Update Tweak

G46VW Modded BiosUnlocked - Overclocked - UpdatedA modded bios with firmware updates, unlocked hidden settings, and enabled performance features unavailable before.Thank you to those who helped with the mods! Doink, Dreamonic, Fernando & SonicX Disc...

ModJPB by Level 7
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G74 battery replacement and repair - DR Battery is trash

I bought a replacement battery on Amazon and it seems to work great. It was only 6-cell and lower amp hours, but given that my original batter could not even survive a minor brownout this is a huge step up.I've opened the original batter and found th...

A_Guy by Level 9
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My 6 year old ASUS ROG G752VY and WIN 11

My ROG G752VY said it would not run Win 11 because of the CPU, BUT i tried to install Win 11 and it WORKED!!!!!! Took a while to reinstall apps but now is running perfectly. Just thought there might be someone thinking about upgrading.

List of ROG Laptops that are Upgradeable

As the title says:I had an ROG laptop about 10 years ago and was able to upgrade the CPU and GPU. Are there any of the ROG laptops that can be upgraded besides the Memory or Hard Drive/SSD Drive?FYI:I found the list that is from a couple of years ago...

NickT by Level 9
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Win10 and Win7 / 8.1 on GL552VW

I am in need for an additional older Windows, XP, 7 or 8.1 for use with legacy apps/old musical hardware.I want to keep my Win10 on C: (newer 250GB SSD)I have the original slow 120GB SSD with Win10 in a drawerI want to install, say Win7 (have DVD) ...

Asus G751JY Booting from Battery Problem - resolved

Hi all,I purchased an Asus G751JY laptop from Canada Computers in August 2015 when I started my post-secondary Architecture education. I had no problems with it, using it almost daily for CAD, music production, djing, gaming, and graphic design. My p...

G752VT VBios

Hi guys, can someone help me with the stock VBios for the GTX 970M in my ROG G752VT?I was trying to overclock it, but I installed the wrong version and my screen stayed black. I was able to connect an external card and reinstall the backup I made wit...

ROG G752vsk Fn/Backlight keyboard not working

Hey guys!So I recently replaced my motherboard for my ROG G752vsk and everything works perfectly well except my for the Fn/Backlight keyboard lights.I updated and installed the right drivers for the model and even many different types of APK drivers ...

G752VS Fn key/backlight issue

Hey,My fn keys/backlight stopped working all of a sudden a couple months ago. I went through the threads and tried most of the suggestions... Reinstalling the ATK package didn't work (tried the one from the official website and an seemingly newer one...