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ROG G752VS display problems

Hi guys I recently bought the ROG G752VS (overclocked edition) that comes with the GTX 1070. I have latest Nvidia Geforce Game Ready driver "376.33" and I have my power options set to High performance. To reduce the heat I normally launch ROG Gaming...

G750JX-DB71 SSD partition merge problem.

Hello all I have a G750JX-DB71 laptop that i recently upgraded to Windows 10 and i have been having issues with my C drive always being full and not being able to use some applications or install anything. I want to know how i can merge my F partiti...

Cpu Heat Issue

Hi,I'm having issue with cpu reaching 100 C with just 10 minute of witcher 3 ultra. Before attempting throttlestop or bios tweaks, I came across the Turbo Gear Update for Gaming Center. I managed to download the updater, but there were a list of .exe...

G750JM freezes

So recently, I have noticed that my laptop is having some freezes and the only solution is to force shut down and restart. It always happened after 8 hours of use that day. What happens is I'd be playing, then get ready to shut it down by exiting the...

Is the RMA in every country as bad as in mine?

Basically my g751jy has been playing up alot, the problems are small so i dont really need them fixed asap but still.. basically, dc jack is wobbly, my left/right buttons on my trackpad are always pressed even though ive never dropped any liquids on ...

Dvirlu by Level 7
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I have crackling sound with g751JY. PLEASE HELP!

So,my problem is that if i play any kind of audio or just set the volume of speakers i get a strange crackling noise from my speakers for a second. It happens after and before the play. I dont get this wierd sound while it's playing music. It seems l...

sunny474 by Level 7
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