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G752VS charger plugged in while gaming?

Hi all,I noticed i need to plug in the charger for my laptop whiletgaming? why is that if im on battery mode and start up a game the fps goes down? from 85 fps plugged in, to 30 fps on battery it SAFE to keep my laptop plugged in at all tim...

G752VM - GPU fan dead ?

Hello everyone !This is my first post here, I'll try to keep it as simple as possible.So, the GPU fan is not running at any moment, I can see it through the glass on the bottom, even at 95°c.This, since the beginning and I have updated every software...

G752vs gaming center error(Please Help)

So I just uninstalled Gaming Center and asked for a restart. Then it goes and display the message "Getting Windows ready Do not turn off your computer. And it's stuck there.......I tried to force power off by holding down the power button but it didn...

Getting low G752vs 3dmark score ?

I am very pleased with this g752vs. I've ran 3dmark Fire strike and got a overall low score of 10,004. Gpu got a score of 16,350ish. So I am wondering what happened?? To the cpu? It mentioned about my vsync, but I had gsync enabled. Did I miss someth...

G752VT Drive Caddy Availability ?

Does anyone know if there is an actual, legitimate drive caddy that has been produced for the Asus G752 series notebooks? I've already wasted money on two drive caddys that didn't fit properly and have been "discontinued" on Amazon. Now they've seem ...

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ROG G752VS display problems

Hi guys I recently bought the ROG G752VS (overclocked edition) that comes with the GTX 1070. I have latest Nvidia Geforce Game Ready driver "376.33" and I have my power options set to High performance. To reduce the heat I normally launch ROG Gaming...