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GL702 vs G752

Hello,I'll buy new a new ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop. (my 3. yay) since my G751JY battery died 2 days ago.I checked many different models from ASUS, and read some Reviews. Right now I have 2 different models in my inner selection and I wanted to ask for t...

Uriziel by Level 7
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New G752VS owner, need a bag and some tips

Hi all. I recently purchased a new G752VS, and I'm loving it. However, I do have some questions.As far as a 17" laptop goes, this is probably the biggest "17" there is. My currently 17" bag isn't big enough. This laptop does just barely fit in width ...

Buggsy by Level 7
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G75VX fans spin hard at idle

Like the title says, I'm just surfing the web or using Excel and my PC fans are spinning faster than what I think they should.I ran AVG, Ccleaner, and Malwarebytes and did not find anything.Yes, I did clean the fans out and I did see dust bunnies. I ...

Loud Fan - G701VI-XB78K Intel Core i7 6th Gen

Hello everyone,Any time I play a game, the fan cranks up to max pretty much instantly and stays on. Tab out, fan drops back down to a more normal (and silent) rate. Tab back in... massive noise.Is there a solution for this?Thanks in advance!

G750JM windows 8.1 and recovery partition problem

Hello community,Recently games keep crashing after a few seconds, i bring it to asus service center but after a week they haven't done anything. So i bring it another service center, the thing is that this service center is not a professional, they r...

G752VY Lid opening issue

The issue:when you put in sleep mode (and then in hibernation due to timeout) and close the lid, if you open the lid after some hours to wake up the PC the screen will be off.Repro steps:- set "close the lid" action to put laptop in sleep mode- set d...

hexaae by Level 12
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