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G752VT-DH72 Random Black Screen on Boot

Hello All,I have a G752VT-DH72 model laptop. Recently in the last month, I have been getting a random black screen issue when I boot up. It's not every time, but when it happens it happens after the asus rog logo goes away. You hear all the sound...

caughe by Level 7
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G551JW, Several BSOD messages when starting a game

Hi there!Recently i have been having the Blue Screen of Death in my ROG Laptop from Gseries.Whenever I try to iniciate a game I get several blue screen messages:Clock watchdog timeout;video Scheduler internal error;page fault in non paged (more rare)...

g750js the work of the fan seems weird

I just notice few things,the fans on my g750js start spinning at 12-25% when cpu heat is arround 62-65ºC and keep working at 12-25% until heat is 75ºCAfter that they go to 33-50%, when heat is above 90ºC they spin at 100%. This seems pretty weird fan...

matau by Level 9
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How does the dust get inside of your notebook?

Guys this is a bit dummy question but can someone explain me how the dust get inside of our ROG's?I am owner of g750js and i make sure to clean it regularly to keep it cool as possible.Most of the time the fans are clean but the metal mesh area where...

matau by Level 9
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G752VY - BIOS v213 any good?

Hello guys! Just got my new G752VY and I noticed that there is a newer BIOS version, v213 ( currently installed on my machine is version 206 ). Should I update? I did some research and found mixed opinions, like it fixed something but broke something...

G74sx Ram Upgrade: What you need to know

RAM Upgrade knowledge article for G74sxIn this Post Section 1: 1600Mhz RAM test on G74sx with 2860QM. Section 2: Best Ram options for G74sx with different/common CPU's Section 3: How to pick the right RAM for your G74sx Gaming Noteb...

Miliano by Level 9
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Asus G750JM and questions about restoring Windows

Hey . sorry for my english. T4075H model with SSD 256 and 12 RAM. He took a hand, want to know about the default settings in the BIOS, SATA CONFIGURATION that stands for RAID or AHCI default? And what types of disk MBR or GPT? I want to restore the l...

arimur by Level 7
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G752VY HDD Upgrade questions.

Perhaps you guys can shed some light on some of my questions. I recently upgraded my old G75VW and have run into some issues.I have a G752VYCore i7 6700HQGTX 980m 4gb DDR548gb Ram128gb SSD m2 and another open slot for another PCIE m21tb HDD 2.5 SataM...

TMauger by Level 7
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I need some help with G702VM-GC002T specifications

Asus ROG G702VM-GC002T i7 6700HQ, GTX 1060 6GB, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD.Where can I find the exact specifications of this laptop ? It's listed on Amazon France and I want to order it, on other sites it looks like the design of the PC is the "Str...

Uriel by Level 7
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