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[ASUS G751] Undervolting Question with XTU

Hi I've read some threads here that they could undervolt their i7-4710HQ upto -135mV but when I try to set Core Offset Voltage in XTU, it would only permit a minimum of -90mV in the dropdown menu and the slider. Is there something wrong with my versi...

FPS drop when unplugged...-G750JX

Im a newbie to tweaking softwares...please excuse my ignorance lol...anyway...Is it normal that my fps drops drastically whenever I unplug my laptop? btw I currently work and live in myanmar where power outage happens randomly for some reason and I m...

Help with Asus ROG G75VX black screen issue please!

Hello Gamers,My issue is when I turn on the laptop there is nothing on the built-in display but I know that the machine is working properly because I triedwith an External display (TV with HDMI connection).This happened after I tried to make a "overc...

Sudden battery issue with G751JL-DS71

Hello everyone,So about two nights ago I plugged my ROG notebook into a cheap IKEA powerstrip, and it was only the next morning that I noticed the battery ceased to function properly. I followed the advice from others that experienced this similar is...

G771jm Lag when using tv through hdmi

I'm playing Overcooked on the tv using the HDMI on my G771jm. I'm using duplicate display mode and on 5 different tvs, I have 2 possible issues.1, everything works fine.2, or the tv has a lag. 2 tvs I've found had this lag and 3 was fine. One that...

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