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Asus G75JS-T4008H Charging Issue

When I plug the charger into the laptop nothing happens. I have to unplug the adapter from the wall socket and plug it back into the wall socket for it to start charging the laptop battery. Brand new unit and charger. Is this faulty?I have turned the...

Alcyone by Level 7
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CPU High Temp after Windows update

Hello everyone hope you are doing okay!So yesterday i just updated my windows since i got a notification and also my nvidia driver (from geforce)And i just noticed that not only got some frame drops on games but also my laptop is hitting 55-60 degree...

xBl1nGz by Level 7
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Need HELP for a ROG G703GX XS71 Memory RAM upgrade !!

I am having a real hard time trying to find an easy way to upgrade my computer RAM from the "stock" 16 GB to the max possible 64 GB.This Model, I understand, comes with 4 DIMM slots but, and this is something I realized only after having purchased it...

popel45 by Level 7
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Asus ROG 17" second HDD?

Today I have a 17 "Asus ROG that has a few years on its neck and I am starting to look for a new one. An important requirement is to be able to mount an extra 2.5" HDD for storing photos. Does all 17 "Asus ROG have room for an extra 2.5HDD? Or are th...

ADent by Level 7
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Help with booting USB to check G703GX RAM

Hello everyone. I was hoping to get a little help.I have a ROG G703GX and I want to use memtest86+ to test the RAM. I downloaded memtest86+, threw it on a USB stick and popped it in my laptop and rebooted into the BIOS to change the boot device. Much...