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Any G750JX Owners ?

Hello, Is there anyone that owns a G750jX and is willing to help me ? I need an INF file generated from this software ( ) for the built-in display in order to fix mine.Thank You !

P3rk3l3 by Level 7
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Best way to go from w10 to w7 and back to w10 ?

hi3 years ago i bought my ROG G751JT , it came with windows 8 OS , then i upgraded it to w10 like every1 else .it worked fine for 2 years , then i decided to go back to Windows 7 , i did but i didnt like it so i wanna go back again to windows 10now ,...

MSI GT73VR vs G752VS vs GL702VS

Hello everyone,I'm a G752VT user (unit acquired dec2015) with Gt970m 250GB sata ssd and 512gb 950 pro currently, I've had a G74sx before and I am happy with my setup now (as with my G74sx). I'm mostly inclined to Asus as it is cheaper to the competit...

Julskey by Level 10
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G752VS-XB72K Thunderbolt 3 Display Limitation

Is anyone able to tell me if this laptop has a crippled TB3 USB-C port only capable of a single displayport output?I've got a TB3 dock connected and anytime I connect a 2nd monitor, the laptop will not recognize it. Starting to assume this is one of ...

Anluan by Level 7
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G752 bad HDD performance

Hi,I got a new G752VL-GC059T. Overall perfomance is good and I look forward to upgrade my RAM :o.Unfortunaly the performance of the intern HDD is bad. Really bad. What HDD should be included (just to check that the right one is included...)? What sho...

SilSte by Level 7
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Windows 10 and sleep mode after every 3 min.

Hey!So after updating to Win10 i have a problem with sleep mode. My G750JX keeps turning into sleep mode after 3 minutes. It doesn't matter if power management plan is set up to NEVER, because Windows is not using this plan at all. I tryed to install...