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Asus g752VS Throttling Issues?

Hi Guys!I'm going to buy this laptop very soon...I heard some of people having throttle issue (CPU temp going up to 95!) but i also read about turbo gear update. Is it works? What should i do? just intall the update and that's it?Thanks for help!:)

G752VS - Creators Update issues

1. My screen does not come back on after closing and re-opening the lid.2. I can only install the original graphics drivers that came with the laptop, all others result in an error message.3. The gfx card fan revs up and slows down constantly.

thesting by Level 7
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GTX 980M Nvidia control panel 3D settings

I own a laptop with gtx 980m and play a lot of FPS game like CSGO and overwatch. I want to know the best settings i could change in nvidia control panel 3d settings tab. I have 24GB ram and GTX 980M with 8GB vram. Also like to know if i should enable...

BL_11 by Level 7
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G751JY-DH71 HDMI able to push 1080 @ 120hz?

I have the G751JY-DH71 (2014 non-gsync) I can't seem to find an answer here as Asus says the HDMI port is 1.4 but doesn't specify if it is 1.4a which can only do 1080@60hz or 1.4b which can push 1080 @ 120hz and would make the difference that I need....