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G74SX Bricked Bios after update ...SOLVED!

Hello guys, one week ago i was doing my normal life like most of you, and suddenly this asus live update gave to me this 203 Bios update, so i was thinking "why not?" without knowing all the suffering I was going to feel after to do that, well, my G7...

Will G752VS price drop? :f

Been around.. uuuh.. I think 4 years now I've had my G750JX? Bought for $2000.Will the G752VS ever drop down from $3000? :f From Australia, really would like to upgrade, but it seems the price stays at 3k which sucks.

G74sx secondary hard drve adapter/cable

Hello all, I recently traded my old laptop for an Asus G74SX, and I really want to add a second hard drive, but unfortunately the adapter/cable is missing. I do have the metal bay for the hard drive, I am just missing the adapter board and cable that...

G750JS partial SATA port failure

My G750 suffered a bluescreen a couple of months back, after which the SSD in the left drive bay failed to register. I've tried a few different drives and they all register in the right bay, but do not show up at BIOS in the left one*. The physical...

mharr by Level 7
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ASUS G750JX HDD/SSD Bay Cover hook/clip broke

Hi,I just recently bought an ASUS G750jx-TB71 laptop and tried upgrading it right away with an Intel 530series SSD card. Everything went well for me except that when I'm taking of my HDD/SSD bay cover, I broke 4 of the hooks/clips on the bottom part ...

schmoo13 by Level 7
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