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G75 Touchpad and Two Finger Scrolling

Hello,All of the multifinger gestures for my Asus G75VW don't seem to be working This has been a problem for me since I had the laptop, and everything I have tried does not seem to fix the problem. I was wondering if anyone has the same issue and ha...

badiban by Level 7
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Asus G701vik Keyboard Backlit off after boot

Hey, first sry for my english. I write from Germany I have a Asus G701vik and after every start i must manually turn the Keyboard backlit on.Its everytime turned off after boot. i tried everything (bios flash, different Atk package)I dont find a sol...

Murri38 by Level 7
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Issue with AC adaptor charger or laptop? - 2021 G533QR

I've had this laptop for around a year and a half and most of the time I've used USB C rather than the main AC adaptor.However lately I've been gaming more frequently and therefore have had it plugged into the AC adaptor and noticed that once in a w...

von-M by Level 7
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G752VT and G752VS no post

I have a G752VT closed lid and when opens would not back on. Power button light was lit as were the power status and numlock lights. *Stays lit for 15 or so seconds the. Turns off then back on. Blank screen whole time.Picked up a G752VS upgraded mem ...

DBurke by Level 7
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black screen g751jt

Hello everyone, I wanted to know if you can help me, since the bios of my gtx 970m flashed wrong and now I have a black screen.Is there any way to flash it again?Regards

[G751JT] windows 10: record key not working anymore :-(

hi there, anyone else with a non working record button (top left button, left from steam button) after upgrade to windows 10 (no clean install)?as long as shadow play is disabled, the record button comes up with the normal info (have internet, start ...