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Aorus Gaming Box Looks to be a much Better Prospect ?

This looks to be a much better prospect for owners of gaming laptops looking for a GPU upgrade. If it works that is! is looking at less than £500 but it includes a GTX 1070. My only cri...

G752 - so slow to boot from SSD

Hi, my G752 take HDD times to boot, does anyone know any fixes that dont require a new ssd or replacing my 2.5" HDD. I've checked and everything it booting from the SSD. If you dont know would a new ssd fix it, if so I was thinking of this one: https...

G752VS Not charging while plugged in

I bought my new laptop approximately three months ago, and it's been working well for me. Recently I've noticed it hasn't been charging the battery while plugged in. My first thought is that it's something in the software. I decided to turn the compu...