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Asus G550jk - Black Screen On Boot

I have a Asus G550jk laptop that gives a completly black screen on boot. So a few days ago the first problem i noticed was that my usb ports were not working. After shutting down my laptop it couldnt power back on due to the black screen. So i tried ...

Xtatixc by Level 7
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G751JL dead

Hi,I have got a G751JL which was bought in June 2015. Its not covered in warranty now. The battery had failed a couple of months before and I had it replaced for ~$100.Today I tried to power on the laptop but it was dead. Only the power, airplane and...

g75vx-BH17N11 "loses" SSHD after clean windows 10 install

Greeting all,I am hoping to get a question answered.I have g75vx-BH17N11 running bios 1.06.I have attempted to install a Firecuda SSHD (tried this on both a 1tb and a Firecude 2tb as well) with a fresh copy of windows 10. This process goes smoothly a...

[G752vy] Failed SAmsung 950PRO in G752vy!

Warning. Do not switch to AHCI. The driver in BIOS is buggy or outdated. It won't properly detect and present M.2 NVME SSD to the system. If you get "WINDOWS BOOT MANAGER" as a boot option without the name of your SSD trailing it, update to 1607 will...

winyl by Level 9
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Observation G752VY BIOS 303 and KB4022716

Well I more or less did both of these the upgrade BIOS to 303, I was having an issue with one core running at 80%+ for over a week. the BIOS upgrade did not seem to solve this issue. Then Last Tuesday MS comes out with KB4022716 update.This MS update...

Clintlgm by Level 14
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Which DRIVERS to install?

Hey guys i just put in the samsung 830 series 256gb SSD....and i am on the ASUS Support WEBSITE and there are sooooo many drivers that i dont know exactly which to pick? do i install all of them? 0_o

Daylife by Level 9
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Downloading New Drivers/Utilities for G75/G55

For anyone looking for the place to download the latest drivers and utilities for the G75/G55, go to the following links:G75: down, click the "Downloa...

Laptop doesn't go into sleep mode properly

Hi everyone, I searched online and saw a few threads about similar issues on different Asus notebooks. Mine is similar but not exact. When I close the lid of the laptop, sometimes it doesn't stay in sleep mode. What I've noticed is, the light bars co...

Aerrow by Level 7
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Sleep Mode renders g752vt unusable

After returning from Sleep in Windows, g752 becomes unusable - usb devices not responding, sound starts sounding weird, I am getting random "Memory Exception" Windows error. The system hangs on restart and need to be forcibly shut down by holding th...