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Squeaky key (A) Probelem...

Yup my letter A key is squeaky.. anyone know whats happening? It has been like this since i got it. (about 1 day)Its getting kinda annoying because i used A alot..

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ROG Mouse stopped working

Hi, i got my G73JH for over a year but recently my ROG Gaming Mouse stopped working.Im trying to find anyone that had simmilar issue but without luck so far...Im not able to move around with cursor but buttons are working 100% so im guessing that its...

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G73jw problem with Wifi connection

Hello there,I just brought mine laptop yesterday(G73jw xr1)everything seem to be working fine, after browsing internet for awhile after just got i decided to install games, only stream for call of duty BO and BFBC2and i start to observed so...

Is G73JW 3DE market ready?especially South east asia.. name is jack..and i live in bali..i can't speak english fluently,so i hope you understand..I'm a big fans ROG..especially for G73JW 3DE..but i haven't buy it yet..Is it G73JW 3DE ready in the market now??Because i do really want to have it....

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G73 JH - A2 GPU (Video Card) Overheating

Well lately I realized my GPU overheats when I play games like League of Legends on max settings. I know the fan isn't the problem since it revs up as it should for the GPU.I guess it would be lack of thermal paste or just very dusty?I am wondering i...

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Blue ray disc not recognized

hi, I just got a new g73jw-a1 and the drive doesn't recognize the blue ray disc but it can read dvd. This drive is a BD combo. Any suggestions? Please help.

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Will a 12.5mm drive fit?

I'm interested in upgrading the primary hard drive to an SSD and the secondary to a 1TB drive. The 1TB drives so far are only in a 12.5mm tall package (as opposed to the more standard 9.5mm height). Will the 12.5mm tall drives fit in a G73JH?

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G51 JX 3D

i bought G51 JX 3D recently but everyday i find a problem likes:1.blueray drive makes a big noise when reading so i have to keep blueray drive with hand to reducing noise .2.when i test speakers the right has a little sound than the left .3.why the m...

BSOD upon internet browsing, but not gaming!?

Hey all, i'm having a really difficult time with this laptop. (asus g73jh)First things first, i have flashed bios, vbios and updated all drivers from the asus website. I get ZERO bsod/gsod or any other errors when i play video games online, including...

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