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Which DRIVERS to install?

Hey guys i just put in the samsung 830 series 256gb SSD....and i am on the ASUS Support WEBSITE and there are sooooo many drivers that i dont know exactly which to pick? do i install all of them? 0_o

Daylife by Level 9
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Downloading New Drivers/Utilities for G75/G55

For anyone looking for the place to download the latest drivers and utilities for the G75/G55, go to the following links:G75: down, click the "Downloa...

Laptop doesn't go into sleep mode properly

Hi everyone, I searched online and saw a few threads about similar issues on different Asus notebooks. Mine is similar but not exact. When I close the lid of the laptop, sometimes it doesn't stay in sleep mode. What I've noticed is, the light bars co...

Aerrow by Level 7
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Sleep Mode renders g752vt unusable

After returning from Sleep in Windows, g752 becomes unusable - usb devices not responding, sound starts sounding weird, I am getting random "Memory Exception" Windows error. The system hangs on restart and need to be forcibly shut down by holding th...

can my G75vw handle 32Gb of RAM

hi there....can anyone shed a light on my issue w/c regards to upgrading my current config of G75VW....i work with DDC (ie. 3dsmax, AfterEffects and alike), and i would like to maximize its concern is that will it be possible to thro...

toink by Level 7
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G551JW - Keyboard Backlight - DSDT Bug?

So.. after upgrading my laptop's UEFI to the latest version, my laptops kb's backlight doesn't work properly anymore. Wonderful.It appears that an invalid value is now 'stuck' in the NCB ( 0xff ) and the boot-up backlight level is stuck due to a ...

RS232 by Level 7
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G-SYNC Upgrade on ROG G751JY/JT Laptops Now Available!

UPDATE 8 (June 6, 2016)I received internal update that the i7-4720HQ motherboards for G751JY models have arrived to our warehouse hub in China and each country should now be able to place order for the parts. The i7-4720HQ motherboards for G751JT mod...

Bahz by Level 12
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