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[G751JT] Keyboard's backlight will not turn off

What happened was a few days ago I used a VGA cable and projected my desktop on to a TV. Afterwords, I cannot lower the brightness for my keyboard backlight. Not sure what happened or how to solve my issue. I still have ATK Package program installed ...

Linerax by Level 7
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Reboot G752 keyboard light is off?

Anyone know a fix how to get the keyboard light to be on when rebooting? Have to manually toggle it each time. :fAlso did a reboot recently and all I got was a black screen. Scary stuff.. :c

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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G752 Keys seem poor quality. Mostly Q W E

Keys on the G752 seem to be pretty badly made, giving them a light rubbing they seem to click and grind around on something.. anyone have the same issue? Mostly on the Q W E keys Before my E key would squeak loudly..If you press your W key down, a...

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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G750JM booting and sometimes clicking issues

Hi all. First post here so bare with me.Having some on and off problems with my laptop.The other day it blue screened when coming out of sleep. Kinda thought w/e, one time deal. I tried to reboot it and it did the ROG logo with spinning circle then j...

Tylown by Level 7
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Asus g752vt ssd m2 samsung 960 evo 250 gb

I have a g752vt laptop without a m2 disk and I want to buy a samsung 960 evo 250 gb PCI Express 3.0 x4 Nvme or this laptop will handle it and if so what kind of thermopat to use this

EDEK_eds by Level 7
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Asus G750JS IC chip problem

Hi guys, 2 months ago my laptop wont start, so i've tried that thing with 45-60s holding power button, it didnt work so i've decide to go with my laptop in service. They said after 2 weeks they're looking for IC chip cuz seems like it's down and they...

Razek by Level 7
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I have an Asus G74SX with a problem in LVDS cable and would like to know what the correct model of the cable should I buy to replace it.Model Cape : 1414-05PR000171001003310Already Grateful !Att . Paul FrancoFoto do Cabo!


Asus G551JW Audio problems. (One side)

Hey guys!So I'm having this really anoying issue with my G551JW. I only get sound in one side of my headphones.Tried a few different headsets and headphones. (Razer Kraken Pro, Samsung Galaxy S7 earphones and a few generic cheap headsets).None of the...

Eima93 by Level 7
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