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G53JW - Overheat .. Help

Hi!I have a problem with my G53JW .. With everything at stock-speed of course..I noticed that my G53JW was pretty noisy compared to my friends..So I made a furmark test, and noticed that the temp on the GPU reached 93C Roomtemp was 21C...Is this a co...

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Asus G53JW + Samsung 2233RZ

Hello I recently bought the G53JW laptop, and i have the Samsung 2233RZ 120 hz monitor from before. The problem is.. while the laptop has HDMI input the 2233RZ only has DVI-D output, so when i connect the monitor to the laptop with dual-link DVI to ...

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I cannot get my DVD ROM to read DVDs for the life of me, and I cant find a driver for it. Help me.

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hi,On my Nvidia control panel menu bar I have options of File, Edit, Desktop, 3D Settings and Help.I am trying to set up all the "Run with graphics processor" options, and in the Nvidia help it says to go through the View menu on the control panel me...

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g73sw recall info question

Ok I am pleased to see that ASUS is saying that they are willing to stand behind the products they sell and are willing to refund or exchange new g73sw laptops. Now with that said what about the other software companies like microsoft for example. If...


Hi,When playing battles in Empire Total War, with lots of units the game has started stuttering like crazy, it becomes incredibly jerky and unplayable. I have G73-JW-A1 with the i7-740, GeForce 460m, latest driver (the new beta and yes the problem wa...

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Turbo Mode Problem

I got a bad virus recently (I think it was called System Locker) and it was causing a "IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL" BSOD screen no matter what I did when trying to start Windows 7, safe mode, repairs, system restore points, etc. So after I reformatted and eve...

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Removing Asus and you from home page

I just bought a asus g53jw-xa1 . Im using msn on my home page . I have a line on there that says asus and you. Below that is a bunch of garbage from Asus that I dont want on my home page . If any body know's how to get rid of this I would be gratful...

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Need help on sound configuration

I'm having a mp3 music file, it supposed to have different sound on left and right speakers. But after examing with both speaker and headphone. I found out that the out put was mixed and both speaker plays the same sound(or almost the same sound).Whi...

Wierd Power up...

Hey Hey...I saw a post like this a while back and i cant find it, so ill just post my prob. It's not PC changing but whenever it powers up, the Asus/Intel Splashscreen takes about 3-5 seconds to show after the lights first light up...i dunno if that ...