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Freeze G73JH

HelloI have random freeze, and i have make all update , i have 213 bios and vbios updatedreatek audio, any issue?

shiva by Level 7
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Creative Sound Issue

Hey hey,Um...i know i saw this post earlier before but i just cant find it so im gonna ask it again.My G73 keeps freezing on me whenever i open ease of acces center and sometimes for steam...i know this is a common problem and i'd like some feedback ...

Asus G73 rbbx05

I recently bought a brand new Asus G73 RBBX05, I was wondering if I should installed the latest BIO's and what not on it.And if so, whic BIOs should I install?Thanks Guys.

G73JH GSOD problem, help please?

Ok my problem is obviously the GSOD or in my case the multi-colored screen of death. When ever I get the vertical line screen it's always different colors. Whether I'm playing a game, trying to play a blu-ray, or when all I had running was skype and ...

g70s win 7 64 bit driver issues

I just got a g70s from ebay and i installed win 7 64 bit and i am having lots of trouble finding drivers for the multimedia touch pad and Bluetooth. I have installed the ones for the touch pad and also the atk drivers from the asus site and still the...

Retired by Not applicable
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G53JW-3DE and NVIDIA Stereoscopic Lag in 2D

I've been really frustrated for the past week or two (just got my G53JW-3DE) about performance in 2D situations.Symptoms:Input (keyboard, mouse) was delayedBrowsing the net was painfully slowSeemed as if I received a laptop with a crippled processorS...

Retired by Not applicable
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Slow Web Browsing when you have 3D enabled on 3DE series

Ok sometimes I forget to disable 3D Vision on my G73SW-3DE after playing games even turning it off and back on the next day...I noticed that you get slow web browsing experience specialy scrolling up and down...its not even displaying them on 3D, its...

jorlanm by Level 7
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GPU Question G73SW-A1

Hello everyone,i just got my new laptop asus g73sw-a1 a week ago, from then till today i noticed one thing that When i play games on my laptop such as; Crisis 2, N4S Hot Pursuit, Call of duty black ops While the laptop is on AC Power they work flawle...

Does Refresh Rate affects performance?

I just got a G73SW-3DE about 2 weeks ago and ts realy awsome dont realy care about 3d alot but uts good to have...that 120Hz Matte screen was the one that atrracted me to it...was originally planning for the VX7, buts its only 15" and more expensive....

jorlanm by Level 7
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Power4 Hybrid

Ok I have a G73SW-3DE, I know that the Power 4 Hybrid Software that came with it dont support OverClocking...1. Is there any reason why it dont have it on SandyBridge G series?2. If I install a Power 4 hybrid from the G73Jw series to the G73sw series...

jorlanm by Level 7
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