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TOASTED G750JX mini WIFI adapter (Literally).

My G750JX wifi and Bluetooth stop working last week. Tried everything I got to find where the problem is.This what I got till I open it. Burned WIFI Adapter. :mad:I know the weather is hot recently and I should not keep the laptop on for the weekend....

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GL502vs-gz365t NVme Compatibility

Hi AllI just purchased a GL502VS, the exact model number is GL502vs-gz365t.I wanted to upgrade the M.2 SDD that was in the laptop to the Samsung 960. However i noticed that the laptop has a B and M Key M.2 Drive in it at the moment which i guess woul...

EnvyYou by Level 7
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¿Backup Restore Factory iso G752VY?

Hey guys, you know if exist some .iso with the original partition "Reset factory" of the asus G752VY?A long time ago I did a clean installation of "Windows 10" and I would like to get the original "Reset Factory" again from this computer. Is there an...

sewan by Level 7
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Asus G752VS: Screen Backlight Bleed

Hi Community,I think that this much backlight bleeding on my Asus G752VS laptop is far away from being normal, and that I should definitely ask (under warranty) for a new screen.What do you think?

zvober by Level 9
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G752VS/K gaming center update

Hello friends,yesterday i've bought my first gaming laptop!! After a loooong hesitation i've chosen G752VS - BA283T, and as far as i can tell it's was probably the best choice as a desktop replacement. Sadly though there are some issues that comes wi...

Konvig by Level 7
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Asus ROG G752VY keyboard backlight & fan not optimzed !!

Hi all,im new here. Feel free to read my problem .Recently I sent my laptop to Asus center because got problem with motherboard. And then they replaced this laptop with a new motherboard. When I go back home,I realized that keyboard LED is not workin...

ROG G75VX - Upgrade to Win10 from Win 8.1 E?

Hi guys! I hope this is the right spot for this post...I purchased a G75VX second hand and sent the machine for a service to a reputed engineer (but not an ASUS authorised one as they're hard to find where I live). He recommended (and installed) Wind...

Epoch83 by Level 7
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Collers problem - G752VT

Hello people My fan is working anytime on ~1800 rpm. No app allow me to change or set speed of fan.A little prehistory. Once upon a time I installed and launched FL Studio 12 (x64). Fan begin work very noisy even when I exit the app and reboot. Speed...

[G751JT] Keyboard's backlight will not turn off

What happened was a few days ago I used a VGA cable and projected my desktop on to a TV. Afterwords, I cannot lower the brightness for my keyboard backlight. Not sure what happened or how to solve my issue. I still have ATK Package program installed ...

Linerax by Level 7
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