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running on battery...performance question

Ok Im trying to make my G73SW-3DE to run the same performance on battery the same way it is plaugged in...I played with the power settings and max the performance setting...but its still bogs down when on batteries...its playable but you can see the ...

jorlanm by Level 7
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ATI 5870 CC Update

Ive tried to update the stock CCC to 11.3 on my Asus G73JH.It always says CCC not responding afterwards...Ive updated my vBIOs and im on BIOs 213 also.

For this forum section - suggestion

I think it would be a good idea to put [G--] in the title for this section of the forums, so people know what you're talking about.. lol. Or atleast make it very, very clear in the post. Just a thought

G73JW - Desktop Icons will not stay hidden.

Right Click desktop, select 'View', then uncheck 'Show Desktop Icons'.Requires doing it twice to take! Icons finally hide. Now reboot and they are back.Why does it take twice to take affect? Any ideas on keeping the selection persistent between boots...

Insoluble problem with keyboard?

Hi, first of all i'm sorry for my incorrect english Back to the point...few days ago i have problem with kb. CTRL Key gets randomly "pressed" itself... But i don't doing this. I've checked this prob. on external keyboard. I've been looking for soluti...

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RMA or not

Sorry for my english.On my screen has shown up on lighter spot (very visible when screen is white, about 5mm in right down corner) and something like not regular stain of very bright thin gray lines it's about 5cm circle with 2mm lines about 45 degre...

riomus by Level 7
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360 vs 260 graphics

I just bought a g51jx-x1 off ebay, with the 360 card in it, after researching it on According to that site, with ddr5 ram, that card should smoke the 260 with ddr3, and even if the 360 comes with ddr3 (which Ive read some do), it s...

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FPS Drop

I have a G71GX-RX05 (Which I plan on selling and using some extra cash to build a new rig), and during games I'll get random FPS drops from 50 down to about 15. It's not due to the game action, I'm almost positive.I have updated all drivers, and BIOS...