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Problem with yellow artifacts on screen - G53sw-A1

Hey everyone - I just got my REPLACEMENT g53 from Amazon today. I had to return my first one because the videocard failed randomly and I had enough of dealing with that garbage. So, now today I get my second one and I turn it on. I immediatley start ...

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2nd hard drive install

i just installed a momentus xt hhd in my g53sw and i was wondering how to get rid of the stupid partitions and at least move the os files onto the new hhd without deleting any data

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G73 BSOD, a little help?

Hi all, first off I would like to say thanks to Chastity for the drivers and updates thread. I have updated my G73JH with a clean Windows 7 install and all of the latest BIOS, vBIOS, Catalyst, and every other driver on that thread. A big help, that...

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G73JW OC Temps

Hey, guys. What are "normal" GPU temps for the G73JW-A1? I've seen multiple posts on other forums, but the information is never consistent.I decided to OC my GTX 460M a couple days ago, and it peaks at 73 C under full load. Is that good or bad? After...

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Targus APA05US 180W replacement pin heads?

for those who have this power brick, do you know if there are replacement heads? even though it's L-shaped, it's still kinda long and it's just as easy to knock the head out like the stock g53/g73 power brick. is there like a shorter replacement for ...

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More Issues

Hello once again... I had a post a couple months back and I received some help that seemed to fix the problem then with my G73JH-A2 laptop. I return with another issue that perplexes me.Recently my G73 has decided to just start randomly freezing. N...

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Weird problem of G73jh hibernating for no reason

Hi, I've started having this weird problem 2 or 3 weeks ago; I don't know if it's related to, but it started happening a week or so after I removed the silver stuff from the touchpad as explained in the sticky to solve the touchpad problems.That work...

"Nvidia Driver has failed to respond but recovered"???

Hey everyone, I've had my G53sw-A1 since Monday and it kicks ass - BUTRandomly today the screen went black for 4 seconds and turned back on and said something to the extent of: "Nvidia driver has failed to respond but has recovered."It did it again a...

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