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G73JH Upgrading Advice

I am new to these form, and I've been looking for a good thread on how to upgrade my machine. I couldn't find one so I am going to make this post.I have a G73JH, which has been the best laptop that I've own. It came standard with six gigs ram (which...

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G73JH-A1 "Dead" Keyboard Keys

Guys good morning,I am posting here because it is my last resort in trying to solve my issue before putting some money into it.I bought my G73JH in October during my trip to Toronto (i'm from Brazil). It was flowers and champagne until last month, wh...

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Clean recovery - is that possible?

Hello,First I would like to say hello - just registered here and I'm G series notebook user since yesterday.My first question concerns recovery of a clean Windows 7:Is it possible to recovery built-in OS without all those bloated ASUS programs? I'm n...

G73JH, Sleep/Hibernating issues

Good day everyone!I've had this laptop for almost a year, and from week one its a PITA for the most part and a pure joy in other aspects.I recently had to RMA my laptop, simply would just power-on.. and that's it. Sent it in for the RMA and they re...

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Remap FN Key to create new FN+? combo

I would like to know if there is a way to sey new FN+? keystrokes ?I only know the software AutoHotkey, which is great, but it does not recognise when I push FN (There is a tool that is used to print on the screen every action I make with the keyboar...

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G74SX Cooling pad

Has anyone found one or figured out how to rig one up????I kinda cooked an egg on it last night, on purpose, but it proved that if playing hard, it indeed gets very hot. I have found no laptop cooling pads that vent back and I'm either looking for o...

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ASUS g73jh and BSOD and old game on STEAM

Hi guys, hope someone can help me here. I've been experiencing a few crashes and other problems recently. I've been playing a somewhat older game on steam: Neverwinter nights 2, on online servers. I haven't had any problems with this laptop before, a...

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G74sx Grapihics driver

I recieved my new g74sx and am trying to updrate the graphics driver. Only problem is the driver keeps saying no compatible hardware found. any ideas?

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G73JH underclocked

Hello everybodyPlease, need some help!The G73JH videocard had a hardware problem and I had to send my computer to the Asus repair service in France. When I got the computer back I installed all drivers but then I realized that the processors never go...

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