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G74SX Temps?

I've yet to push my GPU past 65C which is impressively cool. These are at stock levels.My CPU on the other hand has maxed at 76C.I've been using CPUID to monitor internal temps, but 76C seems a bit high.Core 0 has maxed at 76CCore 1 at 70CCore 2 at 7...

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G74SX-A1 Video Driver Won't Recognize GPU

Hi everyone, first time poster here and a... sorta new owner of a G74SX-A1 (it's like, 3 weeks old now).Anyway, I've had subpar performance on my 3DMark11 scores and sifting through various other scores with the same machine, I noticed my drivers wer...

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G73SW - XA1 2 Major problems

First one: The problem occurs randomly and I can see this problem while playing world of warcraft on ultra settings after an half hour. Whenever it starts, frame per second goes to 1 and it almost becomes impossible to get to desktop back. All graphi...

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strange sound in asus g73jh-a1

I POSSESS a ASUS G73JH-A1 and I am having problems with a strange sound when it close the screen of notebook, to a time atraz I removed the inferior cover of notebook and used a compressed air to remove a little of the dust since then I started there...

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Logitech mouse driver => BSID on G73JW

I finally determined that Logitech setpoint480_x64 and setpoint620_x64 both cause BSOD when hibernating, sleeping, or shutting down. This started just after I bought this computer (Nov 2010) when I also took home an Anywhere MX mouse, but it took a ...

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Coolermaster sf - 19

How much of a temp drop would i expect from using a cooler master sf - 19 on my g73sw? (Ive seen a thread with Brian saying he has tested one so im interested in the results)What are your experiences that you have had with this notebook cooler?

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G73S freezing when gaming...

Running on Entertainment Mode and High mode gave the same results.I have also turned off HDD hibernation and any sleep or auto shut off procedures.Running ALL 3D games at the highest settings would cause the system to crash within 5-10 minutes where ...

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G73JH powercfg -a

Can someone with a G73JH do me a favor and run cmd prompt as admin and type; powercfg -a I'm wondering if yours also says that only 'Standby (S3) Hibernate Hybrid Sleep' state is available on your system. And that (S1) and (S2) are not available beca...

G73jh and 3D question

I need to purchase a new monitor and I have decided to go 3D to use with a PS3.I've done a lot of research and I am down to two Monitors:Acer HN274Hbmiiid Black 27" S27A950D Black ...