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Thinking of buying the G53sx

I want to buy the G53sx. I've read some stuff on other websites, here and there.I've read about the 460m is better over the 560m because of the 192bit. But I don't really mind that.But I would really like to know if it actually has 3D naked eye. I've...

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G73JH GPU repaste: is this thermal compound suitable?

Edit: Never mind. 5 minutes after I posted this I found the specs on this TIM: the answer is no, it isn't good enough to be in the same room as my laptop ;). Egg on my face...I would delete this thread if I knew;dr: Is Dynex DX-STC1001 S...

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Bag big enough for G74

Hey all just picked up my g74 and I can not find a backpack big enough to fit this beast in while traveling. Anyone had any luck with any particular bag? I am thinking of picking up the Oakley Kitchen sink but for 200 bux I want to make sure it will ...

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ASUS G73S display problem

Hello!2 Days ago I have bought the ASUS G73S notebook.I am really satisfied with it, but I was wondering why I can only choose "60hz" in the display options. I want to use 120hz for 3D.Anyone had this problem too?Best regardsR0Play0r

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Sound issue with G73JW-A1

Hi,:)I've recently had to format my G73JW-A1 this past weekend, once I got everything back up and running I noticed my sound was off and from what it sounds like my sub-woofer is not working. My sound is noticeably flat and was never like that prior...

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G74SX-1A Explorer Crashes...

Hey fellas!Just got my new G74SX-1A model, and I'm very happy with the performance.But, all has not been well so to speak.Explorer keeps crashing and restarting, and I've disabled HDD sleep in the power options, so this is not the issue. Besides, I k...

g73sw can't read optical media

Just got my G73sw and i've tried putting in both blank DVD-R and anti-virus CD and the drive can't seem to detect them. Has anyone encountered this before?

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Help! G53SW with Hard Drive Recognition Problems!

I have been a proud owner of the G53SW since the end of June, and it has been great! Playing games on high-very high settings is a breeze! However, in the last two weeks, a lot of problems started to happen. I was hoping to see if anyone could help m...

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HDMI audio

I have the HDMI video output from my G73jh going to a Samsung 2370 HD TV/monitor. Is there some way to get the HD audio on that monitor as well? Do I need a seperate cable for audio or should it be on the HDMI cable? How do I get HDMI audio out?

G74's will have 2 3DE models?

I was reading the new nVidia driver 280.26 update and it inluded support for G74sw-3DE and G74se-3DE...Interesting...could it be that ASUS has a G74 comming with a GTX560m GPU like the other competitors?

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