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Very Low 3dmark Fire Strike score on G751JY

I have ASUS G751JY with 980M and i7-4720HQ. I started to play Overwatch again after half a year, but the fps was alot lower than before. I decided to do a 3dmark Fire Strike benchmark and got 4917. I had High-Performance mode on and closed other appl...

Jamesgz by Level 7
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Asus G752VT Quick Bios Question

Soo im not much of a pc/laptop expert soo sorry if this question may be super silly.Currently when I wanna enter my bios I go the usual route of turning off my laptop, turning it back on and spamming F2, that lets me enter a super plain simple and bo...

How to use G551JW SSD drive as cache?

Hello,I have an ASUS ROG G551JW and i want to use the SSD drive as cache. i found this article:, but i'm stuck at point 3. I can't find RAID, I have only I...

[G501V] Charger melted?

I've had my ROG G501V for little over a year and it's worked flawlessly. However, the other day when I pulled my charger out, I noticed the top seemed to have... melted? Do what now? I'm obviously getting a new charger but do you think I should have ...

Asus G750 Fan control Software?

Hi Guys, So my trusted laptop and Companion for the past 7-8 years finally gave up (Dell XPS 1710) yesterday.I'm scrambling to order a Asus G750JH (G750 JH-T4059H to be exact). I read that there is a fan issue with the fans aggressivly going off for ...

Tobbe by Level 7
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TOASTED G750JX mini WIFI adapter (Literally).

My G750JX wifi and Bluetooth stop working last week. Tried everything I got to find where the problem is.This what I got till I open it. Burned WIFI Adapter. :mad:I know the weather is hot recently and I should not keep the laptop on for the weekend....

66605 66606

GL502vs-gz365t NVme Compatibility

Hi AllI just purchased a GL502VS, the exact model number is GL502vs-gz365t.I wanted to upgrade the M.2 SDD that was in the laptop to the Samsung 960. However i noticed that the laptop has a B and M Key M.2 Drive in it at the moment which i guess woul...

EnvyYou by Level 7
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¿Backup Restore Factory iso G752VY?

Hey guys, you know if exist some .iso with the original partition "Reset factory" of the asus G752VY?A long time ago I did a clean installation of "Windows 10" and I would like to get the original "Reset Factory" again from this computer. Is there an...

sewan by Level 7
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