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Asus G74 Number pad, and Hard Drive.

I recently purchased an Asus G74SX-XT1 from Tiger Direct. The computer is great and really powerful. I'm trying to figure out two things. When I was playing GTA IV, I put in the simple native trainer which requires use of the number pad. I know they ...

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Anyone with G53JW in Los Angeles area?

The DC port pin from the laptop broke off (melted off?) and is stuck in the AC adapter. I need to power on (trying to find a battery) so that I can back up the data and send it to ASUS for repair. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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BD Combo firmware

Hi guys and galsDoes anyone have region free firmware for the Matashita UJ141as drive, or even the original firmware?Long story short: I am an American but I live in Germany, I also speak German so naturally I have my dvd collection from the states t...

mstcobra by Level 7
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G73JH problem.

Hello everyone I am a new order of a G73 laptop and have done the required updates for the Vbios and Bios, by following the guides on this website. However I have one problem and it is driving me crazy.The card with the machine is a Intel 6250 card,...

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G53SX apocalypse

Hello,to whom might have a clue...I got my G53SX three days ago(G53SX 4GB, i7 230QM, 750GB HDD (+120SSD), GTX 560M 2GB),installed a VERTEX2E 120GB as secondary drive carefully following some vids, updated 7 with all available updates, uninstalled unn...

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The Atrocity! .... the deception. I feel violated

SIDENOTE: This has no relevance of any issues regarding any G-series notebooks.January 17th 2011 I move in with my fiance, after a short discussion we both agreed that a desktop PC looks clumsy and there's alot of cords eeeverywhere. So I decided to ...

korre by Level 9
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G73 Problems

Hi everyone, I have a G73SW. I'm having the touchpad issue and I'm currently installing the fix from the first sticky post in the forum. I heard about some people having to take their notebook apart and fixing it that way. I bought my notebook in Mar...

Rball904 by Level 7
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G74SX Speaker crackle/static

Hi there,I recently purchased a G74SX laptop, so far it's been running great, except for one hindering issue.The speakers (or whatever speaker is closest to the left side of the speaker grill) let off a crackle/static sound pretty much whenever sound...

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SSD installation for boot files

OK, I need help. I'm gonna eventually buy a SSD but to save some money im just going to get a 64GB model. The way my current hard drive is setup is that it has 2 partitions. One for recovery which I'll just leave alone, then one with all the extra sp...

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G74sx-3de So is it out ?

I see on gentechs website its says available and ready to ship, but exotic pc is still preorder. Also nothing new on Asus website. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything. I cant wait to get this thing.

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