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Youtube 3D

Does anyone knows how to watch 3D movies on youtube 3D?I use the html5 on firefox, but I says that I need the last 3D drivers to it. But my drivers are up to date.Thx

lvfmc by Level 7
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pulled the trigger

Well, thanks to this forum, I finally pulled the trigger. I am now awaiting arrival of my g73.Went with the jh for the 5870 card over the 460, and the 1600x900 display to help keep framerates up without losing havine the display look fuzzy. I plan to...

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g53sx-xa1 slow video

hi i have a rog g53sx-xa1 this comes with a gtx560m 2gb and when i play crysis 2 the fps on 1924*1024 on ultra settings are 10-15 fps extreme are 15-20 fps very high are 25-30 fps , i saw very videos on youtube...

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G74 Model Clarification

I'm currently in the market for a Laptop and I am really leaning toward the G74. I was just on the main ASUS site and I can't find what I'm looking for. I need a G74 configured with a Blu-Ray Burner but I do not need or want the 3D option. Is there a...

G74SX keyboard (hardware) change

Hi!I have a sister in the US and i want to buy a Asus G74SX, from USA, and sent to Europe (Portugal); My questions are:1) Can i replace the keyboard, by a Portuguese keyboard layout (hardware, not SO layout)?2) Where can i buy the keyboard, and what ...

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G53SW touchpad issues

I have an issue with my notebook's touchpad. Looks like it doesn't work properly, when I slide finger on it there is no cursor response. Situation happens quite often, tried various settings in Synaptics but the problem remains.

Donald_W by Level 7
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Can I SLI with my Asus G74S?

Hello ROG community! I'm wondering if the motherboard within the G74s allows for SLI compatibility? If so I am considering dumping a second 560m into the laptop for extreme power. I haven't bothered to check what type the motherboard is, so I figured...

Br4nd3n by Level 9
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Horrible Touchpad...

I bought this laptop very recently, and I've been impressed by most of it, especially the video card and the cooling system.However, I've been extremely disappointed by the touchpad. At first I blew it off as "oh first time use touchpads are difficu...

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