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G73Jw- Mouse question

Hey, I just bought this computer, and the mouse it came with won't work on any surface other than the ASUS sticker on the lower right side of the keyboard panel. Do i need some kind of special mousepad to make this thing work?(I couldn't find a forum...

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G74sx with matte/3D display availability?

Hello!Having settled on the G74SX-91111V model (matte 3d display, 16GB RAM, SSD) for my new notebook I was frustrated to find that for the moment there seems to be no way to get it in Germany. And no one can tell me anything about when it might be av...

Hideaki by Level 7
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Bluetooth problem on Asus G73JH

Hi guys,I have an Asus G73JH A2, mine comes with bluetooth. First time I bought this laptop, the bluetooth feature worked well, now I have no idea why the bluetooth icon won't show up in the notification tray.I tried to install the bluetooth driver a...

anthem by Level 7
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G73jh vBios update tutorial, for GSOD matter.

G73jh vBios update tutorial, for GSOD matter.Hello everybody, this tutorial is based on the « GARY KEY » one’s, made originally on notebook review forum further to the development by ASUS of a new vBIOS, to solve the problems of GSOD. So I’m doing no...

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ROG Mouse/Mousepad?

I'm planning on buying the G53JW-XN1, But I'm pretty sure it doesn't come with the Republic of gamers Mouse and/or mousepad. Is there a way to get it separately? Ever since I decided to get the Maximus IV Extreme after finals I've been wanting to get...

Xefier by Level 7
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Deus Ex: Human Revolution, terrible framerate

I was really looking forward to this game, but it seems to have major issues running on my G73JW. The framerate is terrible and it doesn't seem to matter whether I use DX11 or not, or what setting changes I make. Even at lower resolutions than 1920 x...

Porknog by Level 7
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Diffrent versions of G74SX?

Hello, looking to buy a laptop and the Asus G74SX is a valid candidate..But when searching i find a couple different versions, for example G74SX-91074V, G74SX-91063V.. Witch have very small price difference, but the specs on the place where i am look...

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RMA did more damage than good.

Well I posted on here a few days back about some GPU problems I was having with my G73jh. I ended up RMA'ing it, and to my surprise I got a call 2 days later saying it was repaired, though when I got it home and went to test it out I wasn't surprised...

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G74SX Power Options + Hotkeys Animation

Hello,1- When I put in power options "Balance" mode, after i restar or turn on/off laptop it going for Power4Gear Enter. How to fix it tht laptop will stay with "Balance"?2- Is ther any way to remove HotKeys animations?

G73jh Boot issue: Bootmgr is Missing...

It started a few months ago and randomly shows the messege "bootmgr is missing press ctrl+alt+del" shortly after ASUS logo screen appeared, I just had to reset BIOS and it worked fine. I supposed that it was a Hard disk failure so I bought a new one,...

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