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ASUS G752VS: will the new 309 BIOS update fix these issues?

Hello Community,I saw that the new 309 BIOS update is coming soon is my question - will the new 309 BIOS update fix issues with running Linux (Ubuntu 17.04) o...

zvober by Level 9
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G751JY with Intel HD 4600

Sort of... WIP (work in progress).I'm trying to go through with this modification being like what the MSI models did. You can switch over from one to the other (not muxless design but muxed) by enabling the option and then restart or shutdown and hav...

G752VSK blank screen when resuming from hibernate

Hello,I have a G752VS (with kaby lake) and I've noticed that if I close the lid the laptop goes to sleep. So far so good.If I open the lid the laptop resume from sleep just fine. But if I leave it for over 3 hours it will go to hibernate mode and whe...

simi_id by Level 7
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G752VL - Optimal RAM slot layout for 24G?

I just expanded my G752VL from the initial 12G to 24G of RAM. My question is this. The original config is a single 8G stick and a single 4G stick located in the slots under the keyboard. The initial layout according to CPU-Z isSlot 1 - Hyundai 4G ...

ST9752 by Level 10
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G75VX New 205 Bios am at work right now but can't wait to go home and try it. I hope that I will have the time. If someone surpasses me please post results.I wonder what is the upgrade and improvements th...

gokica by Level 10
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Asus G750JH-DB71 Internal Display not Detected

Hey,After installing Nvidia inspector, and trying to implement a frame rate limit for Fo4, installing EVGA precision X, and razer game booster, I rebooted my PC and the display is off, and will not turn on. I am currently using the laptop with an ext...

Asus G751JY Gaming Center not starting under Windows 7

Hello Folks,i have a brand new Asus G751JY and i love it. I managed to install windows 7 on it, and it works perfectly well. I used all windows 8 drivers, they work OK. However the only thing that does not work is the Asus Gaming Center. Every time i...

Kriss1 by Level 8
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QA - G752 Keyboard is terrible

I don't know how QA works, but I really need to shout out, that the G752's at least Generation 2 models keyboards are simply terrible.I really miss the G750's at the moment.. :fPlease make the G753's have a good, solid keyboard like the G750's. :c

Darnassus by Status Under Review
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